Project Initiatives

The EAPES Raffles platform represents a meticulously crafted tier-based lottery system, designed to offer participants a chance at substantial prize pools. Organized into five tiers - Lightning, Wood, Iron, Platinum, and Gold - the platform operates on a dynamic model where the number of prizes and their respective values increase proportionally with the sale of tickets. This innovative approach not only incentivizes community engagement but also ensures a rewarding experience for participants.

Among the enticing array of prizes offered through the EAPES Raffles platform are coveted rewards such as EAPES Tokens, unique Dynamic NFTs, as well as EAPES and Island Relic NFTs. Additionally, participants stand a chance to win free preorders, SFT Boxes, and exclusive EAPES merchandise. This diverse selection of prizes adds depth to the raffle experience, catering to a wide range of preferences and interests within the EAPES community.

Moreover, EAPES has meticulously ensured favorable odds of winning for all participants, further enhancing the appeal of engaging with the Raffles platform.

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