HUB Zones

EAPES Island

HUBS are the cornerstone feature of EAPES Island. Unlike Residential and Commercial Zones, which primarily cater to digital world-related functionality, the HUBS transcend digital boundaries to encompass real-world applications and connections. This strategic focus underscores EAPES' commitment to fostering seamless integrations and touchpoints between the virtual realm and tangible reality, offering real benefits to individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide. By facilitating interactions between virtual and physical domains, EAPES Island positions itself as a dynamic platform poised to bridge the gap between digital innovation and real-world utility.

The four distinctive HUB Zones include:

  1. Business HUB: Exclusively for EAPES Token holders to promote their services, resumes, or projects.

  2. Retail HUB: Open to individuals and startup businesses to showcase and sell goods and subscriptions.

  3. Design HUB: Reserved for professional designers, architects, and engineers to exhibit their portfolios and projects through interactive displays, competitions, and exhibitions.

  4. "Other Worlds" HUB: Facilitating connectivity between EAPES Island and other digital worlds, fostering cross-platform interaction and exploration.

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