Real Estate

EAPES Island

At the heart of EAPES Island is the ownership of real estate in the following zone types:

  1. Residential Coastal Zones (Land Supply: 2,610)

  2. Residential Inland Zones (Land Supply: 2,510)

  3. Commercial Zones (Land Supply: 400)

  4. HUB Zones (Land Supply: 400)

As the supply of residential and commercial land on EAPES Island is limited, comprising slightly more than half the total supply of 3D EAPES, these digital assets hold immense value due to their scarcity and advanced functionality features. Holders can anticipate high demand for these assets, making them coveted commodities within the digital landscape.

In addition to residential and commercial land ownership, EAPES introduces another groundbreaking concept: The HUBS. These digital spaces offer unparalleled potential for connectivity with real-world business connections and touchpoints. From retail and business ventures to design, architecture, education, and mentoring, The HUBS transcend traditional boundaries, fostering interconnectedness between two worlds. Furthermore, ownership of land within The Other Worlds HUB provides a gateway to alternative dimensions and digital spaces, all while preserving your brand integrity and intellectual property.

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