Token Burn System (TBS)

EAPES Tokens

Another deflationary mechanism embedded within the EAPES Token ecosystem is the Token Burn System (TBS). Whenever EAPES Tokens are utilized either within or outside the EAPES Island digital world, a staggering 50% of these Tokens are permanently removed from circulation through a burning mechanism.

This strategic burning mechanism serves a dual purpose: firstly, it effectively reduces both the circulating supply and the total supply of EAPES Tokens, thereby enhancing their scarcity and increasing their desirability among holders. This, in turn, contributes to greater price stability, offering reassurance to token holders and bolstering the long-term value proposition of the EAPES Token.

Of the remaining 50% of unburned EAPES Tokens, a large portion is allocated to directly benefit the EAPES community through various channels, including passive rewards, engaging giveaways, exciting contests, and other interactive events. This commitment to rewarding our community ensures ongoing engagement and fosters a sense of belonging within the EAPES ecosystem.

Furthermore, a portion of the unburned tokens is allocated to the EAPES Treasury, where they are strategically deployed to further the development and expansion. This investment in the future ensures the continued growth and sustainability of the platform, cementing its position as a leading force in the digital landscape.

More information will be provided prior to the EAPES Token launch.

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