Staking Pools

EAPES Tokens

EAPES Token staking pools are designed to empower Token holders with the opportunity to generate passive income through enticing Annual Percentage Yield (APY) rates.

Within the framework of the EAPES Token staking infrastructure, participants will have access to two distinct types of staking pools, each tailored to accommodate diverse investor preferences and risk appetites.

The first category comprises unlocked staking pools, which offer flexibility to Token holders, allowing them to engage in staking activities without enduring prolonged lock-in periods. However, it is essential to note that an unbonding period will apply, ensuring the orderly transfer of Tokens while maintaining the stability and integrity of the staking mechanism.

In contrast, the second category encompasses staking pools with a 3-month lock-in period, wherein Token holders commit their assets for a predetermined duration without the imposition of an unbonding period upon completion. This structure provides investors with the opportunity to capitalize on higher yields, while concurrently mitigating short-term volatility risks associated with unlocked staking arrangements.

By delineating these distinct staking pool options, the EAPES ecosystem endeavors to cater to a spectrum of investor preferences, promoting inclusivity, and fortifying the sustainability of the Token economy.

More information will be provided prior to the EAPES Token launch.

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