3D Preorder SFT Releases

Inaugural Preorder Release.

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the 3D EAPES Preorder SFT Boxes starting in April 2024. Subsequent to this, the 3D SFT Boxes redemption phase for 3D EAPES is scheduled for July 2024.

The preorder process entails purchasing a 3D SFT Box, which will then be redeemed for a specific EAPE NFT owned by the holder at the time of redemption. Consequently, preorder purchasers do not need to specify the particular EAPE NFT they wish to enhance as a 3D playable character at the time of purchasing the 3D SFT Box.

There are four planned releases throughout 2024 where you'll have the opportunity to acquire a 3D SFT Box. It's essential to note that with each subsequent release, the total price will increase.

Following the completion of the second release, the 3D SFT Box collection will be officially listed on designated marketplaces. This ensures price stability and grants accessibility for individuals to engage in purchasing, selling, trading, or redeeming these 3D SFT Boxes.

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