Residential Inland Zones

EAPES Island

Inland real estate on EAPES Island presents a diverse array of captivating landscapes, including lush jungles, majestic mountain peaks, and serene river valleys, mirroring the allure of the Coastal Zones in their beauty and functionality. These versatile properties offer a blend of residential and workspace options, catering to the dynamic needs of owners within both the digital realm of EAPES Island and their real-world endeavors.

Owners of these properties will enjoy the flexibility to customize and personalize their spaces according to their preferences and requirements, with future enhancements such as upgrade skins enhancing their versatility. Whether one seeks a secluded jungle villa or a sprawling clifftop estate, the Inland zones offer a wealth of opportunities to acquire prime real estate within the thriving ecosystem of EAPES Island, promising both value and utility for discerning investors and residents alike.

Jungle Oasis

With only 10 homes available, Jungle Oasis is an exceptionally rare and exclusive residential community. Hidden in the depths of beautiful trees and vines, the symphony of birds, rustling of leaves and the calls of the jungle become your daily companions.

Redwood Ridge

Nestled in the cradle of a picturesque valley, Redwood Ridge Estates stands as a sophisticated residential haven that reshapes the concept of green living. Here, your dreams of an exceptional home surrounded by majestic mature trees, flourishing wildflower gardens, and, of course, the captivating valley itself become an idyllic reality.

Eagle’s View

Majestic mountainside living perched high above the world, this exclusive residential development at Eagle’s View promises a lifestyle where the extraordinary is an everyday occurrence. These elevated living spaces are located within the embrace of a towering mountain peak, giving residents unrivaled panoramic views. Just as the name suggests, you have an Eagle’s View of the world below you.

Retraite Jungle Vista

The awe-inspiring grandeur of nature’s ancient giants are right outside your door here at Retraite Jungle Vista. Towering trees, some of which have stood for centuries, beautiful canopies, diverse plant and animal life, the Retraite Jungle Vista homes are thoughtfully positioned to ensure maximum privacy while providing uninterrupted views of these magnificent old growth forests.

Crystal River

An exclusive residential sanctuary nestled within the lush embrace of a pristine river valley, Crystal River is an enclave of unrivaled beauty and tranquility. Surrounded by mature trees, blooming wildflowers and the enchanting river, Crystal River is a sanctuary where nature and luxury residential living harmoniously coexist.

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