Retail HUB

EAPES Island

The Retail HUB emerges as a bustling commercial enclave within EAPES Islands, offering a digital marketplace for small businesses and startups to establish their virtual retail spaces. These storefronts serve as showcases for products, facilitating transactions within the digital world through EAPES Tokens and/or EGLD. Designed like the online EAPES Merch Store, these EAPES Island storefronts will offer a unique experience where 3D EAPES avatars can try on clothing virtually before proceeding with a purchase, all seamlessly integrated within the digital space.

Another demonstration of this concept will be the launch of the new EAPES Accessories Store featuring a range of bulk-purchased items, including water bottles, coffee mugs, towels, pins, stickers, and more. Additionally, custom products such as printed posters, banners featuring specific EAPES characters, personalized greeting cards, business cards, and canvas prints will be available.

Retail HUBS presents a significant opportunity for EAPES, with projections indicating a remarkable surge in metaverse storefront utilization over the coming decade. With only 2% of retail currently tapping into this trend, the Retail HUB Zone stands poised for exponential growth, aligning with EAPES' vision of pioneering innovative ventures within the digital sphere.

The primary focus initially will be on catering to smaller businesses operating in sectors such as:

  • retail clothing

  • accessories

  • household products

  • kitchen items

  • eco-friendly products

  • international subscription boxes

  • candy and food

  • pet supplies

  • kids’ products

  • personal hygiene products etc.…

In the future, the Retail HUB storefronts may expand their offerings to include custom apparel for the real world and upgrade customization options for 3D EAPES in the digital realm. This innovative approach aims to bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds, offering a seamless experience that transcends traditional boundaries. EAPES will collect only 10% on all sales fulfilled through the EAPES Island Retail HUBS.

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