🔶3D EAPES Launch


  1. 3D EAPES represent fully Playable Avatars that are ultra-realistic & dynamic. Each 3D EAPE is forever linked to its 2D EAPE ensuring lasting value for the original 10k collection.

  2. 3D EAPES receive enhanced Banana Point Rewards, an incredible way to earn passive income. 3D Primes receive 5 Banana Points per day and 3D Non-Primes receive 2 Banana Points per day.

  3. Compete in EAPES Battle Royale. 3D EAPE holders compete for $EAPES Tokens & other great prizes.

  4. Exclusive Passport to EAPES Island digital world.

  5. Exclusive passport to Cyberpunk City Metaverse (beta). 3D EAPES give you access to everything that CPC Citizens can do, compete and earn EAPES Token rewards, Race cars, dance, quests, voice chats and more.

  6. 3D EAPES holders have access to EAPES Creator Studios including some of the following tools: Augmented Reality (#AR), Virtual Reality (#VR) and Artificial Intelligence (#AI)

  7. All 3D EAPE holders will receive Automatic Whitelisting for future collections including: Residential Coastal Land, Residential Inland Land, Commercial Land, The HUBS, Houses & Offices, and Businesses

  8. 3D EAPE holders will have access to Upgrade Skins and Customizations. You can truly personalize your avatars and digital experience!

  9. Exclusive Giveaways & Raffles will be setup for 3D EAPE holders. Prizes will include EAPES Tokens, Banana Point bundles, Dynamic NFTs, FREE 3D & Land SFT Boxes, FREE Merch, EAPES NFT's, Island Relic NFT's and more.

  10. Your 3D EAPES are being developed using Unreal Engine 5. This makes your 3D avatars compatible with digital worlds beyond MultiversX and allows for cross-blockchain compatibility & versatility.

More detailed information can be found in the EAPES Whitepaper under EAPES Island/Digital Asset Ownership/3D EAPES.

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