Upgrade Skins and Customization

EAPES Island

EAPES Island digital assets stand out due to their inherent potential for future customization. Initially, Upgrade Collections will cater to 3D EAPES and Housing, offering avenues for personalized aesthetics and functional enhancements tailored to individual preferences within the digital realm.

The initial concept for 3D EAPE Upgrades involves showcasing upgrade skins in a dedicated storefront, providing a preview of the possibilities within a Retail HUB. Within this storefront, 3D EAPE holders can experiment with various upgrade skins, selecting those that resonate with their preferences and adding them to their cart for purchase. These upgrade skins act as tradable assets, allowing holders to customize their 3D Avatars without altering the underlying 2D NFT traits.

Consider the possibilities: from upgrading a standard katana 3D EAPE to a gold-plated or luminous variant reminiscent of a lightsaber, to enhancing the glass of an Astro 3D EAPE from standard to rose gold.

Similarly, homeowners can elevate their standard residences by incorporating aesthetic features like bay-view swimming pools, along with functional upgrades such as digital screens for presentations and work purposes in addition to body and face rigging capabilities for podcasts and hosted events.

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