EAPES Island

The transformation of the 2D EAPES collection into fully immersive playable 3D avatars marks a significant milestone. Beyond their remarkable realism, the 3D EAPES embody more than mere digital assets—they unlock a realm of ownership, engagement, and revenue potential within the vibrant EAPES ecosystem and beyond. Crafted meticulously for Unreal Engine digital worlds, these playable avatars function as virtual identities within EAPES Island and upcoming digital world integrations. Engineered with a robust foundation for integration with AI and animation tools, they ensure future-proof adaptability for customized items and skin upgrades tailored to evolving preferences.

Information on the 3D EAPES launch can be found in the 3D EAPES Launch section.

Owning a 3D EAPE unlocks a plethora of benefits, including enhanced Banana Points rewards—initially double that of their 2D counterparts. These passive rewards accumulate swiftly and can be exchanged for EAPES Tokens through the Banana Points Exchange Program (BPEP) or staked in pools to generate returns.

Proof of Ownership is paramount for 3D EAPE holders, offering full ownership rights over their avatars for both digital and print mediums, alongside an unrestricted license for their redeemed 3D EAPE and associated derivative products, such as merchandise sales.

Community is at the core of EAPES, and as such, special giveaways and raffles are exclusively reserved for 3D EAPE holders. Delve into the exhilarating EAPES Battle Royale, where in the future, holders can compete based on their 3D traits for a chance to win EAPES Tokens and other enticing rewards. This captivating competition-based arena offers a unique and engaging experience for participants outside of EAPES Island.

Most notably, 3D EAPES serve as your exclusive passport to the immersive world of EAPES Island, where dynamic quests, curated events, and interactive gameplay await. From strategic CARDS Quest missions to a plethora of entertainment options, EAPES Island is not just a digital playground—it's a bustling marketplace where participants can work, learn, host events, transact, and participate in the circular economy. The HUBS experience offers a seamless integration between the digital and real worlds, presenting unparalleled opportunities for engagement and growth.

As an esteemed partner, gain access to the beta release of Cyberpunk City's metaverse, where you can play and compete for EAPES Tokens and participate in all the activities and events this digital world has to offer.

Another exclusive benefit for 3D EAPE holders is privileged access to our innovative venture currently in the conceptual phase – the EAPES Creator Studios. This real-world extension serves as an exceptional touchpoint, offering a distinctive, profitable, and fun experience tailored for our esteemed community and beyond.

Furthermore, 3D EAPE holders enjoy automatic whitelisting for future EAPES Island digital asset collections, including Residential Land, Commercial Land, upgrade skins, and customizations.

Step into a world of endless possibilities with 3D EAPES—your gateway to unparalleled experiences and opportunities within the ever-expanding EAPES ecosystem.

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