Residential Coastal Zones

EAPES Island

EAPES Island's residential communities offer a diverse selection of Coastal and Inland living options, each boasting its own distinctive features and appeal. In particular, Coastal residences provide stunning vistas of the ocean, black, white and pink sand beaches, tranquil waters, or idyllic islands. Each Coastal zone promises unparalleled natural beauty, exquisite views, seclusion, and exclusivity, catering to a wide range of preferences and lifestyles.

What sets these residential properties apart is their versatility, serving as both living and working spaces. They are dynamic assets, poised for full customization with upgrade skins and personalization options in the future. Whether seeking serene seascapes or verdant landscapes, residents can immerse themselves in the restorative ambiance of the island's pristine natural surroundings, fostering a sense of tranquility and exclusivity unmatched elsewhere.

The Private Islands

The Private Islands will bring a new level of luxury to EAPES Island and are destined to be the most sought after and exclusive development areas. Only ten private islands situated on the south shore will be available.

Bitcoin Bay

Bitcoin Bay offers truly unique real estate that define the pinnacle of luxury living. Bitcoin Bay properties overlook the shimmering ocean while being set against the rugged backdrop of majestic cliffs and will offer the most exclusive vantage points and views of the Island.

Tiger’s Roar

Tiger’s Roar residences provide a front row view of a unique and ever-changing seascape. Located along the volcanic black sand shores, Tiger’s Roar captures a fusion of nature’s raw beauty along with refined elegance.

Apes Town

Apes town, situated along pristine white sand beaches, is the most centrally located residential area to the main ferry port and many of the island’s entertainment and social venues.

Park City

Located just south of Bitcoin Bay, Park City is a residential community that features something unique, glistening pink sandy beaches. This magical place is defined by peacefulness and privacy.

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