EAPES Island

Cross-Blockchain and Platform Compatibility

EAPES Island is being meticulously crafted by Cyberdeck Studios, an esteemed game development entity renowned for its adeptness in catering to both investors and gamers through the integration of Web3 and GameFi technologies. Cyberdeck Studios is well known for its pioneering work on the Cyberpunk City Metaverse, a groundbreaking project established within the MultiversX framework.

With a vision of fostering seamless connectivity across blockchain networks, EAPES Island will feature cross-blockchain compatibility facilitated by the innovative "Other Worlds" HUB and The Portal. These dedicated enclaves serve as a conduit for projects aspiring to construct their own digital realms, offering a gateway to EAPES Island and an avenue for transitioning to their respective digital worlds, whether situated on MultiversX or other blockchain platforms. With time, EAPES Island will provide accessibility across a wide array of devices and operating systems, empowering users to engage on their preferred terms.

Unreal Engine 5

EAPES Island will be designed and developed using the robust Unreal Engine 5 platform. Unreal Engine (UE) stands as a comprehensive suite of 3D computer graphics game engines crafted by Epic Games, making its debut in the 1998 release of the first-person shooter video game Unreal. Originally tailored for PC-based first-person shooters, its versatility has since propelled it into diverse gaming genres and even transcended into other industries, notably film and television. Written in C++, Unreal Engine boasts exceptional portability, accommodating an extensive array of platforms including desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality environments.

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