Design HUB

EAPES Island

The Design HUB represents a specialized commercial zone within EAPES Islands tailored to professionals in the design, architecture, engineering, and landscaping industries in the real world.

A limited number of 100 plots of land will be available for purchase within the Design HUB. Professionals can utilize these plots to conceptualize and translate their designs into immersive 3D environments, which can be explored by 3D EAPES avatars. These designs may include audio narrations, music, and animations to provide a comprehensive understanding of the creator's vision and thought process. Professionals can also link specific products in their 3D environments to real world items that can be purchased with a click of a button.

EAPES will organize competitions within the Design HUB, inviting participants to vote on their preferred designs across various categories. These categories may focus on modern, eco-friendly residential housing, encompassing areas such as eco-friendly homes, contemporary residences, beach cottages, outdoor landscaping, and interior design.

Competitions and exhibitions will span approximately six months, allowing ample time for professionals to develop their 3D models and for participants to engage with the designs. To encourage widespread participation, plot prices will be kept affordable, and a nominal one-time entry fee will grant access to all design models throughout the competition period. EAPES will retain all revenue generated from entry fees to support the ongoing development of this initiative.

Owners of the land plots, comprising professionals such as designers, architects, and engineers, will receive passive Banana Point rewards for their involvement in the competition. A prestigious grand prize will be awarded to the competition's winner, determined by participant votes. This integration into the EAPES economy fosters a sense of community engagement and incentivizes participation in the project.

Subsequent iterations of the Design HUB may incorporate exhibitions and contests focused on contemporary design, artistic creations, and AI-driven compositions. These masterpieces could be showcased in immersive settings, either within conventional structures or in outdoor environments.

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