Houses and Businesses

EAPES Island

Furthermore, the versatility of property ownership on EAPES Island offers a multitude of exciting possibilities.

Within the realm of real estate, property owners will possess the capacity to incorporate digital assets into their land holdings, thereby expanding the scope of digital land ownership. This innovative approach affords owners the opportunity to construct versatile structures, encompassing residences designed for multifaceted functionality, catering not only to habitation but also to recreational activities, professional endeavors, and office spaces. Certain investors may choose to acquire commercial land parcels with the intention of constructing businesses atop them, thereby aiming to augment their passive income streams. Alternatively, owners of HUBS Zone land have the option to expand their digital footprint into physical space, thereby bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds.

  1. Residential Coastal Zones (House/Office Supply: 2,610)

  2. Residential Inland Zones (House/Office Supply: 2,510)

  3. Commercial Zones (Business Supply: 400)

  4. HUB Zones (Office Supply: 400)

True ownership of these assets grants holders the power to interact and transact within the vibrant EAPES Island circular economy, unlocking a plethora of benefits both within and beyond the digital realm.

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