Commercial Zones

EAPES Island

In every thriving community, the presence of Commercial Land and Businesses is fundamental, and EAPES Island is no exception. Within its diverse landscape, two pivotal Commercial Zones stand out: Agriculture and Natural Resources. Additionally, there will be an Upgrade Zone designated for enhancing digital assets, enabling holders to elevate their 3D EAPES and houses with exclusive skin upgrades and customizations. Complementing these essential sectors are the Island Operations and Entertainment Zones, each playing a crucial role in the island's economic and social fabric.


The Agriculture Zone of EAPES Island will serve as a cornerstone for sustenance, featuring organic farms and innovative terraforming projects crucial to the island's food supply chain. Fruit plantations boasting an array of exotic varieties including dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, passion fruit, papaya, guava, kiwi, and coconut will complement other agricultural commodities such as mycelium, bamboo, wood, and straw, which will be utilized as essential building materials. Owners of Agricultural Land and Businesses will receive varying levels of passive Banana Point rewards based on the rarity and significance of their assets. Additionally, they will enjoy the highest payouts from the Token Burn System (TBS(M)).

Natural Resources

Similar to Agriculture, the Natural Resources Zones hold immense significance for EAPES Island's sustainability and development. These zones encompass eco-mining operations and organic textiles production, yielding materials such as adobe, rammed earth, granite, stone, recycled glass, plant plastics, recycled steel, and recycled metals essential for the construction and infrastructure of the island. Owners of Natural Resources Land and Businesses will earn varying levels of passive Banana Point rewards based on the rarity and significance of their assets, akin to the Agriculture sector. Moreover, they will receive the highest payouts from the Token Burn System (TBS(M)).

Commercial District #1 – Upgrade Zones

The focus of this district lies in enhancing assets through upgrades. Initially, EAPES intends to introduce skin upgrades for two specific collections: 3D EAPES and Housing. All costs associated with these upgrades will be exclusively payable in EAPE Tokens. Notably, owners of the Upgrade Zone Land and Business will benefit from dual rewards. They will not only partake in payouts from the Token Burn system (TBS(M)), but also earn passive Banana Point rewards whenever any upgrade skin is purchased. This distinctive dual reward system underscores the unique opportunities available within EAPES Island's Upgrade Zone.

Commercial District #2 – Island Operations

Island Operations serves as the backbone of EAPES Island, encompassing essential infrastructure and services necessary for its smooth functioning. This district includes vital amenities such as EV charging stations, advanced transportation systems, metro stations, as well as facilities for electricity and water generation and management. Additionally, it features key transportation hubs such as an airport and port, alongside marinas, health clinics, military installations, police and fire departments, and telecommunications networks. With meticulous planning and organization, EAPES Island is designed to be self-sufficient and highly efficient. Owners of Island Operations Land and Businesses will participate in the rewards from the Token Burn system (TBS(M)), underscoring the integral role they play in sustaining the island's operations.

Commercial District #3 - Entertainment

A thriving community requires a vibrant array of entertainment, retail, recreational, and culinary offerings, and EAPES Island is committed to providing just that. The urban landscape will be enriched with a diverse selection of dining establishments including bars, wine bars, ice cream parlors, diners, cafes, and restaurants. Weekly Farmer’s Markets, Vegan Markets, and Fish Markets will add to the culinary diversity. Accommodation options will include overwater pool villa resorts, beach and jungle resorts, as well as eco-tourism companies and Heli-tours for exploration. Entertainment venues such as movie theaters, gyms, yoga studios, and grocers will cater to various interests. Additionally, retail opportunities ranging from liquor stores to boutique shopping experiences will further enrich the island's offerings. Owners of Entertainment Land and Businesses will participate in the rewards from the Token Burn system (TBS(M)), ensuring their role in enhancing the community's vibrancy and prosperity.

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