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Prime EAPES are apes with special banana traits. These include the Banana Head (Hat) trait with 97 supply as well as the Banana (Earring) trait with 104 supply. There are only 201 Prime EAPES in the entire 10,000 collection making them both distinguished and exclusive. Prime EAPES receive special benefits including the following below.

Current Privileges and Benefits

Enhanced Rewards

  • Prime EAPES staked in the decentralized application (dApp) enjoy a generous reward system, receiving 5 Banana Points every 2 days. This offers a 2.5x multiplier compared to non-Prime EAPES.

  • Access to a dedicated Prime Staking Pool ensures Prime EAPES receive enhanced bi-weekly rewards in WEGLD and CYBER.

  • Staked Prime EAPES possessing Special Bi-Weekly Traits are entitled to an impressive 25 Banana Points every 2 days, further boosting their rewards.

Enhanced Socials

  • Prime EAPES have exclusive access to a dedicated Discord channel, fostering a community of like-minded individuals.

  • They also gain entry to specialized announcements, polls, and voice channels, facilitating enriched engagement and interaction.

Additional Benefits

  • Prime EAPE holders can propose charitable initiatives to the Tribe, subject to community voting.

  • Enjoy priority access to Project Proposals, where successful proposals proceed to a Tribe DAO vote, empowering Prime EAPES to shape collective endeavors.

  • Holders are bestowed with rare collectibles and elevated status, further solidifying their esteemed position within the community.

Upcoming Privileges and Benefits

As part of EAPES’ ongoing commitment to enhancing the experience for the esteemed Prime EAPES community, they are pleased to introduce a range of upcoming privileges designed to elevate your engagement and rewards within the EAPES ecosystem.

Private Seed Sale

  • Gain exclusive early access to Seed Sale details ahead of the public launch.

  • Prime EAPE investors can enjoy exclusive upgraded merchandise items for Wood, Iron, Platinum, and Gold tiers, offering special benefits not available to others.

3D SFT Box Preorders

  • Prime EAPE holders will receive a generous maximum preorder on Day 1, double that of non-Prime EAPE holders.

  • For every 3 preorders purchased in Release 1A, Prime EAPE holders will receive 1 free 3D SFT Box (up to a max of 3 free SFT's) after Release 3. Vs non-prime holders who will receive up to a max of 2 free SFT's.

  • If Bonus Preorders are triggered, Prime EAPE holders can purchase an additional two 3D SFT Boxes using Banana Points only. Non-prime holders will have the option to purchase one additional using Banana Points only.


  • Prime 3D EAPES enjoy a daily reward of 5 Banana Points, offering a 2.5x reward multiplier compared to non-Prime 3D EAPES. This is in addition to the existing 5 Banana Points rewards every 2 days for staked Prime 2D EAPES.

  • Experience enhanced features for 3D EAPE avatars.

  • Gain privileged early access to the Cyberpunk City beta release in Sept/Oct 2024.

  • Gain an exclusive sneak peek into the EAPES Battle Royale.

EAPES Island

  • Prime EAPE holders receive exclusive sneak peeks and alpha leaks, providing insider access to upcoming developments.

EAPES Merch Store

  • Access an exclusive clothing line tailored for Prime EAPE holders.

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on any order (excluding gift cards) within the EAPES Merch Store.

EAPES Lotto Grotto

  • Benefit from discounted bulk raffle ticket pricing for regular raffles.

  • Enjoy exclusive raffles reserved solely for Prime EAPE holders.

Other Benefits (for 3D Prime EAPE holders)

  • Receive dynamic NFT airdrops.

  • Receive special Banana Points airdrops.

Future Privileges and Benefits (for 3D Prime EAPE Holders)

EAPES Island

  • Prime 3D EAPE holders can anticipate benefits similar to those offered in 3D SFT preorders.

  • Gain premier access to alpha and beta releases of EAPES Island ahead of the Tribe and public launch.

  • Receive exclusive previews of CARDS Quest gameplay, the inaugural experience on EAPES Island.

  • Access dedicated CARDS Quest Leaderboards and enjoy exclusive SFT Box giveaways.

  • Enjoy exclusive glimpses of the Other Worlds HUB and The Portal.

  • Obtain exclusive entry to Club Banana, Banana Boat, and exclusive events and giveaways.

  • Receive heavily discounted or complimentary entry to all curated events, competitions, exhibitions, presentations, and concerts hosted by EAPES.

  • Benefit from reduced rates or complimentary access to EAPES Island transporter stations facilitating seamless movement between Zones.

  • Access project-owned assets such as conference centers, media rooms, and biosphere domes at significantly discounted rental rates.

  • Enjoy discounted advertising costs tailored to promote ventures within the ecosystem.

  • Gain early access to preorders for Business HUBS Zone.

  • Receive exclusive previews and insider information through alpha leaks.

EAPES Creator Studios

  • Automatically whitelisting for NFT collection mints.

  • Gain priority access to alpha and beta releases of EAPES Creator Studios prior to public launch.

  • Access enhanced benefits for utilizing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) tools on the platform.

  • Benefit from discounted pricing on higher-tier applications.

EAPES Launchpad

  • Automatically whitelisting for all future partner projects launching on the Launchpad.

  • Enjoy additional perks such as maximum mint, pricing incentives, and advanced mint options based on individual partnerships.

EAPES Accessories Store

  • Secure early access to the launch of EAPE Accessories Store.

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on all orders, excluding gift cards.

Other Benefits

  • Gain early access to EAPES Auctions for digital assets.

  • Enjoy enhanced rewards through the Asset Value Reinforcement Initiative (AVRI).

Past Privileges and Benefits

Island Relics NFT Airdrop

Prime EAPE holders benefited from an exclusive NFT airdrop featuring Island Relics between April and June 2023, enhancing their collections with unique digital assets earning staking rewards.

Early Access to EAPES Merch Store

Enjoying precedence, Prime EAPE holders gained early entry to the launch of the EAPES Merch Store, securing coveted items such as the Limited-Edition Cypher Phreak Hoodie before the general public.

Enhanced Banana Points Rewards

Prior to the Banana Halving event in November 2023, Prime EAPE holders reaped the rewards of 5 Banana Points per day, signifying a 2.5x increase in rewards compared to non-Prime EAPE holders, thus augmenting their benefits within the ecosystem.

Whitelisting for Partner Projects Mints

Enjoying preferential treatment, Prime EAPE holders were automatically whitelisted for partner projects mints, affording them early access and participation in projects such as Cantina Royale and HomeX, further solidifying their privileged position within the community.

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