Business HUB

EAPES Island

The EAPES Business HUB embodies a real-world initiative aimed at fostering meaningful connections among community members with diverse professional backgrounds and shared interests. Through an online submission process, individuals had the opportunity to showcase their expertise and recreational pursuits, facilitating connections based on mutual knowledge and experience exchange. With a global community at its core, the Business HUB offers a plethora of resources ranging from personal and professional coaching to mentorship opportunities, business development insights, and even guidance on buying or selling ventures. Accessible exclusively to EAPE holders, the Business HUB presents an invaluable opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the community.

For those seeking a digital workspace, the Business HUB offers a limited number of one hundred office spaces equipped with cutting-edge features for showcasing resumes, conducting live demonstrations, and engaging in interactive discussions. Whether showcasing projects or seeking talent, these offices provide a dynamic platform for networking and collaboration. Moreover, office owners enjoy exclusive perks such as personalized EAPEs, discounts on EAPES Merch, and complete autonomy over their profits. This means that Business HUB owners keep 100% of the profit they make through their digital office.

Additionally, Business HUB owners have the option to leverage larger project-owned spaces for hosting presentations and live events, providing a versatile platform for sharing insights and fostering community engagement for a nominal fee.

Business HUB Directory Listings

EAPES Island introduces yet another practical real-world application with its Business and Job Directory, offering a platform for individuals and organizations to promote their companies, products, services, and job opportunities. Whether seeking to showcase entrepreneurial ventures, share rental offerings, or advertise job openings and project opportunities, users can easily add listings to the directory. To ensure inclusivity and participation, a modest monthly fee per listing will be required, payable exclusively in EAPES Tokens.

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