EAPES Tokens

The EAPES ecosystem operates on the principles of a circular economy, centered around the utilization of the EAPES Token. This utility token serves as a fundamental requirement for engagement in all facets of the EAPES experience, spanning activities both within EAPES Island and extending beyond its borders. Below, we explain its essential role and significance.


The EAPES Raffles platform is an innovatively engineered, tier-based lottery system designed to incentivize participants with substantial prize pools and increasingly valuable rewards as ticket sales escalate. To partake in this opportunity and vie for coveted prizes, such as EAPES Tokens, Banana Points, Dynamic NFTs, EAPES, Island Relics, complimentary preorders, and merchandise, participants are required to spend EAPES Tokens for the acquisition of raffle tickets.

The EAPES Merch Store offers a curated collection of exclusive clothing and accessories, meticulously crafted to reflect the essence of the EAPES brand. Payment options encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from xMoney stablecoins and various cryptocurrencies to conventional fiat transactions. Moreover, upon approval, xMoney may seamlessly integrate EAPES Token payments into its platform, enhancing accessibility and utility. Notably, buyers opting to transact with EAPES Tokens enjoy an enticing incentive, receiving a 10% discount on their purchase.

EAPES prioritizes charitable donations as a cornerstone of its corporate values. Utilizing both EGLD and EAPES Tokens, the project actively supports various charitable causes. Within the virtual realm of EAPES Islands, they will establish an Island Sanctuary, providing a dedicated platform for community members to contribute EAPES Tokens to specific charities. This initiative reflects EAPES' ongoing commitment to fostering social responsibility and making a positive impact within and beyond its community.

The reimagined EAPES Launchpad, designed to support a diverse range of NFT and Web3 projects, operates on a foundation that necessitates the use of EAPES Tokens. Within this framework, the quantity of EAPES Tokens held by investors directly influences their eligibility for participation in seed sales and/or mint allocations. Similarly, for project creators, the acquisition of EAPES Tokens becomes imperative, serving as a prerequisite for inclusion in seed sales and/or covering minting expenses.

EAPES Battle Royale represents an innovative gaming venture poised to redefine the community gaming experience. Participation in EAPES Battle Royale presents an opportunity for 3D EAPE holders to vie for a range of prizes, including coveted EAPES Tokens. However, admission to this immersive gameplay necessitates the payment of an entry fee in EAPES Tokens.

The dynamic EAPES Creator Studios stand as a pivotal growth catalyst for the utility of the EAPES Token. By expanding the EAPES ecosystem into the realms of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, the project will unlock immersive capabilities and avenues for brand expansion, thereby encouraging even more utility for the EAPES Token.

In all forthcoming real-world applications, EAPES Tokens will serve as the preferred currency. This strategic decision ensures that across a spectrum of offerings, from food and beverage lines to apparel and novelty items like bobbleheads, transactions will necessitate the utilization of EAPES Tokens as the primary mode of payment. By standardizing the use of EAPES Tokens across diverse product categories and services, the ecosystem promotes seamless integration and widespread adoption, fostering a cohesive and efficient marketplace.

EAPES Island

Within the circular economy of EAPES Island, EAPES Tokens serve a multitude of essential functions and utilities. As the linchpin of the ecosystem, these Tokens are indispensable for accessing the majority of experiences and offerings within the digital world. Their pivotal role underscores their necessity in facilitating seamless transactions and interactions, thereby driving the vibrancy and functionality of the entire ecosystem.

Initially, EAPES Island will offer diverse digital ownership opportunities, including upcoming EAPES collection preorders such as 3D EAPES, residential and commercial real estate, housing, businesses, and properties within the HUBS Zones. These acquisitions will invariably necessitate the use of EAPES Tokens. Initially, a balanced ratio of EGLD to EAPES Token cost will be required for each preorder. However, as the EAPES ecosystem evolves and expands, there will be a gradual transition towards prioritizing EAPES Token-only transactions, reflecting the ecosystem's maturation and emphasis on token utility.

Similar to the dynamics of any real-world society, ownership of assets within the EAPES Island ecosystem mandates the fulfillment of monthly tax obligations. Owners of EAPES Island digital assets will be obligated to remit monthly taxes in the form of EAPES Tokens. Notably, owners who fail to pay their taxes will no longer receive passive Banana Point rewards until taxes are remitted. This taxation framework underscores the importance of upholding fiscal responsibility and contributing to the sustainability and continued growth of the EAPES ecosystem.

As an integral aspect of EAPES' dedication to its community, emphasizing customization and personalization of digital assets, including 3D EAPES and various real estate properties, holds paramount significance. Notably, all upgrade skins and customizations will exclusively incur charges in EAPES Tokens only. Through the ownership of these digital assets, holders accrue Banana Points, convertible to EAPES Tokens, facilitating the acquisition of upgrades without incurring additional costs. This approach ensures that participants can tailor their digital experience to their preferences while fostering a seamless and cost-effective pathway to enhancement within the EAPES ecosystem.

EAPES Island is poised to feature a dynamic social and entertainment sphere, comprising an array of engaging activities such as live events, concerts, exhibitions, design competitions, and both public and private gatherings, among other offerings. Access to these unique experiences will necessitate an entry fee, payable exclusively in EAPES Tokens. Additionally, community members possessing 3D EAPES assets will enjoy certain privileges, such as complimentary entry or discounted entry fees, contingent upon the specific venue and nature of the experience. This framework ensures that the EAPES community remains actively involved and incentivized to participate in the vibrant social fabric of EAPES Island.

Engagement in gameplay activities within EAPES Island, ranging from strategic quests and brain benders to the EAPES CARDS Quest, will necessitate an entry fee remitted in EAPES Tokens, unless individuals possess a 3D EAPES asset. It's important to note that many gameplay experiences will incorporate elements of unpredictability, necessitating the expenditure of EAPES Tokens to progress to subsequent levels or to revive a 3D EAPE that has encountered unexpected complications. This encourages active participation while instilling gameplay with an element of challenge and strategy.

HUBS represent the real-world applications within the expansive landscape of EAPES Islands. At the heart of these HUBS lies the EAPES Token, functioning as the primary currency powering their operations. Within the Business HUB, all services, subscriptions, and products are exclusively transacted using EAPES Tokens. Other Business HUB offerings that require EAPES Token fees include a Job and Business Directory. Similarly, Retail HUB establishments readily accept EAPES Tokens as a valid form of payment for a wide array of real-world commodities, spanning from clothing and children's toys to pet supplies, among others. Additionally, the "Other Worlds" HUB worlds serve as gateways for visitors from alternative metaverses, facilitating the seamless exchange of their ESDT or cryptocurrencies for EAPES Tokens upon entry, thereby fostering interconnectedness and accessibility across disparate virtual realms.

Within EAPES Islands, select project-owned assets will be made available for rental, catering to both individual and business needs. These assets encompass prominent venues such as the Conference Centre, ideal for hosting large presentations and group discussions, as well as the Town Hall for smaller meeting spaces. Additionally, the Biosphere Stadium will serve as a versatile space for hosting events and concerts. Rental fees for these assets are exclusively payable using EAPES Tokens. As EAPES continues to innovate and integrate EAPES Island with real-world applications, the inventory of rentable project-owned assets is poised to expand. Opportunities in various sectors such as real estate, banking, technology, education, and healthcare are anticipated to emerge, further enriching the offerings within this dynamic space.

With one of the most dedicated and expansive MultiversX global communities, EAPES Islands offers advertising opportunities tailored to businesses and organizations. These opportunities encompass various avenues such as billboard advertising, advertisements, or commercials during events, and even naming rights for project-owned assets such as the Conference Centre or Biosphere Stadium. To access these advertising and marketing packages, businesses and organizations must utilize EAPES Tokens as the sole payment method. This ensures seamless transactions and fosters a vibrant ecosystem driven by the EAPES Token economy.

The utility of the EAPES Token extends across both digital and real-world domains, presenting a myriad of possibilities. From its inception, the Token was meticulously crafted to serve a variety of purposes, reflecting its intrinsic value within the ecosystem. As the EAPES ecosystem evolves and expands, the utility of the token is poised to flourish in tandem with the project's growth trajectory. This dynamic progression ensures that the EAPES Token remains a versatile and indispensable asset, driving innovation and facilitating seamless interactions within the broader EAPES community.

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