Virtual Marketplace HUBS

Framework for a Virtual Economy

Endless retail opportunities unfold in digital worlds. Users can seamlessly purchase real-world items delivered to their doorstep, engage in virtual try-on experiences for clothing and accessories while soliciting live feedback from peers and family, partake in real-time conversations with customer support representatives, and seamlessly add desired items to their digital shopping carts for streamlined checkout processes.

This virtual marketplace transcends conventional e-commerce paradigms, enabling users the opportunity to engage in the buying, selling, and trading of both digital and physical goods. Such immersive experiences redefine the online shopping landscape, offering a dynamic and enriched version of contemporary e-commerce platforms.

Currently, the market for Retail and eCommerce applications within digital worlds stands at $23.5 billion. Yet, fewer than 2% of all retail businesses have adopted any form of metaverse storefronts. It is anticipated that this adoption rate will surge to over 33% within two years. By 2030, the market is forecasted to reach approximately $210.3 billion, showcasing a remarkable growth of 794.89%.

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