EAPES Governance

Project Initiatives

In the evolving landscape of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), the EAPES DAO emerges as a harmonizing solution, blending the ideals of decentralization with the pragmatic adaptability of a hybrid model. At the heart of this approach is a commitment to a governance structure that withstands not only the dynamism of collective decision-making but also flexibly navigates through today’s complex challenges faced by DAOs.

Decentralization, while central to our ethos, introduces its unique set of hurdles—maintaining momentum amid rapid growth, ensuring enlightened decision-making that aligns with community values, and safeguarding against the vulnerabilities intrinsic to digital democracies. By integrating the EAPES DAO Wallet into our decision-making fabric, we create a strengthened bond between community consensus and financial management.

Hybrid Governance Model

At the heart of the EAPES DAO lies a hybrid governance model, rooted in our initial achievements and the fundamental use of on-chain voting. This model enhances transparency, accountability, and member empowerment for making informed decisions regarding resource allocation in connection with the DAO Wallet (EAPES treasury). We are committed to improving our off-chain voting system for even greater clarity and participation. For a more in-depth exploration, we will propose a complete Governance document for EAPES in the future.

The benefits of the hybrid model include an effective solution to the inherent limitations of purely decentralized or centralized systems. By incorporating centralized elements, it allows for better risk management, simplified regulatory compliance, and faster decision-making processes, while still maintaining the advantages of decentralization such as inclusivity and transparency, which are essential for community trust and engagement.

Faced with challenges, particularly the balance between autonomy and rapid decision-making, hybrid DAOs continuously innovate in their governance practices. The goal is to create a sustainable model that meets the evolving needs of the community while maximizing operational efficiency.


The EAPES DAO features innovative governance and treasury management, deeply linked to the Original EAPES NFT ownership. This structure gives NFT holders significant roles in shaping the strategic direction, merging community engagement with impactful decisions for the EAPES ecosystem.

Governance is based on specific NFT ownership, granting voting rights and reflecting our commitment to a shared, forward-looking vision.

Key Elements of the EAPES DAO:

  • Treasury Decision-Making: Our wallet funds initiatives aligned with our vision, crucial for sustainable growth.

  • Strategic & Brand Decisions: We uniquely involve the community in key financial decisions, promoting transparency and collective progress.

  • Collective Ownership & Governance: NFT holders directly influence DAO Wallet decisions, highlighting our principle of shared governance.

  • Empowerment & Responsibility: Each NFT holder contributes to the DAO Wallet's management, enhancing transparency, fairness, and community engagement.

Voting Power

A Prime NFT holds five voting points, granting it substantial influence in the decision-making processes. Conversely, a Non-Prime NFT is allocated one voting point per NFT, ensuring that every voice has the chance to be heard.


The quorum necessary for a proposal's approval is determined by the team and varies with each proposal, taking into account aspects such as stakes and community participation. This approach ensures that decisions are customized and pertinent to the nature of the proposal and the current status of the project.

Voting Procedures

Proposals, covering various topics, are formulated by the team. Initially, a proposal is presented to the Primes; if it gains approval, it is then passed on to the entire community, and all members are invited to partake in an On-Chain vote at the EAPES Consensus Coliseum. The duration of both off-chain and on-chain voting periods is set or suggested by the team, allowing process flexibility.

Resource Management and Allocation

A 10% royalty is split among DAO growth (6%), charity (0.5%), marketing (0.5%), the team (3%), and DAO funding (3%), endorsing a community-focused redistribution approach. The EAPES team is responsible for the proper management of this distribution and the wallets.

Adaptability & Evolution Through Education

EAPES prioritizes adaptability and community education to shape our DAO's future. We've introduced a 'Suggestions' channel in EAPES Club for members to freely share ideas. We're enhancing educational outreach and ensuring active communication.

  • Onboarding and Education: We're implementing comprehensive onboarding and educational tools to empower members to impact our ecosystem.

  • Open Communication: We promote open dialogue and team participation for transparent governance, addressing current and future challenges.

  • Through these efforts, EAPES DAO aims to lead in decentralized governance, evolving through education, engagement, and collective wisdom.

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