EAPES Island

EAPES Island stands apart from conventional gaming metaverses that rely solely on play-to-earn (P2E), first-person shooter (FPS), or racing games. However, this departure from the norm doesn't diminish the significance of gameplay within our digital domain. Quite the opposite, in fact.

On EAPES Island, gameplay takes on a new dimension, emphasizing intellectual and strategic gamification. This approach fosters deeper involvement, enhanced engagement, collaborative teamwork, intellectual prowess, and unparalleled flexibility for players.

Community members are encouraged to immerse themselves in a diverse array of engaging activities on EAPES Island, including strategic quests, treasure hunts, hidden artifacts, mind-bending challenges, thrilling races, and quests to uncover The Lost City. This gamification is designed to captivate and maintain community interest and anticipation for what lies ahead. As participants conquer these challenges, they will earn EAPES Token incentives along with a wide range of valuable prizes, recognizing their efforts and contributions to the community. Additionally, special giveaways, auctions, and unique prizes await those who actively participate, taking into account factors such as the number of digital assets owned, and the time spent within the vibrant ecosystem of EAPES Island.

EAPES CARDS Quest, the inaugural gameplay on EAPES Island, offers a thrilling blend of treasure hunts, brain teasers, and strategic challenges. Lasting up to 12 months, it incorporates diverse logic puzzles, survival tests, combat scenarios, and team-based challenges, all woven with elements of EAPES lore into its storyline. Designed to engage the community, this game combines strategy, teamwork, and elements of luck. Exclusive to 3D EAPES holders, EAPES CARDS Quest rewards those with a higher number of 3D EAPES and those who spend more time on EAPES Island. Monthly rewards are granted to participants who spend the most time in the digital world, utilize the highest number of 3D EAPES, and own the most EAPES Island assets. The leaderboard prominently displays the game's leaders for all participants to view.

The objective of CARDS Quest is to explore EAPES Island to discover hidden SFT Boxes. Upon finding an SFT Box, players can claim it, which may involve a simple or more intricate quests. The more SFT Boxes claimed, the greater the chances of earning rewards. In essence, CARDS Quest progression follows the sequence: BOX ➡ CARD ➡ SET ➡ DECK, leading to the ultimate goal of collecting the entire deck, as encapsulated in the tagline: "Who will be the first to collect the deck?" CARDS stands for Collective And Rare Deck Strategy, underscoring the strategic nature of the game. A notable array of prestigious prizes and giveaways awaits participants, featuring Dynamic NFTs accompanied by airdrops, EGLD, exclusive Merch Edition apparel, and the coveted Custom EAPES.

Additionally, there are plans to integrate EAPES Battle Royale into EAPES Island, providing a competitive arena where participants pit their 3D EAPES against each other in win-or-lose battles based on traits and rank. Victors stand to claim a portion of a substantial prize pool, which includes EAPES Tokens, merchandise, Dynamic NFTs, and other valuable rewards.

While EAPES Island is not primarily a gaming metaverse, gameplay elements will play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall enjoyment, engagement, and expansion of the EAPES ecosystem.

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