Project Owned Assets

EAPES Island

The EAPES project will retain ownership of various properties and assets across EAPES Island, each serving specific functions aligned with its overarching vision. These assets include:

  • The Conference Centre: This venue will host AMAs, exhibitions, and events.

  • The Media Centre: Dedicated to PR activities and the release of crypto and EAPES-related news.

  • The Town Hall: Serving as a space for team meetings, Prime EAPE gatherings, and DAO sub-committee sessions.

  • The BPEP Exchange Station: Providing a platform for converting Banana Points into EAPES Tokens.

  • Transporters: Enabling teleportation between different zones on the island.

  • The Biosphere Stadium: A multifunctional facility for hosting concerts, conferences, and large-scale events.

  • The Open-Air Amphitheater: Offering an outdoor venue for DJ beach raves and concerts.

  • The Banana Boat Clubhouse: Exclusive to Relic NFT holders.

  • The Eco Zone: Dedicated to wildlife protection, sustainability, and eco-living initiatives, including the Island Sanctuary for charitable donations.

Moreover, the project's diverse portfolio of owned assets encompasses various facilities such as recycling depots, underground bunkers, entertainment venues, casino, shipwrecks, alien spacecraft wrecks, and immersive experiences, all contributing to the rich and dynamic ecosystem of EAPES Island.

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