EAPES Tokens

The EAPES ecosystem is driven by various ways to earn EAPES Tokens either passively or actively by participating in project initiatives.

dApp Staking

Through the act of staking the original 2D EAPES and Island Relic NFTs within the EAPES dApp, holders are eligible to receive passive Banana Point rewards. These rewards can subsequently be exchanged for EAPES Tokens through the dedicated BPEP(O) platform.

Staking Pools

EAPES Token staking pools offer Token holders the chance to earn passive income through attractive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) rates. These pools are divided into two types: unlocked pools, providing flexibility without extended lock-in periods but with an unbonding period for orderly transfers, and pools with a 3-month lock-in period, offering potentially higher yields while mitigating short-term volatility risks. By providing these options, the EAPES ecosystem aims to accommodate various investor preferences, fostering inclusivity, and strengthening the sustainability of the Token economy.

Private Seed Sale

Early investors stand to benefit from highly attractive returns, with Annual Percentage Yields (APY) ranging from 14.00% to 24.50% over a 12-month period, showcasing the potential for substantial growth within their investment horizon. Moreover, in addition to these compelling returns, early investors are eligible to receive a special bonus in the form of Banana Points rewards which are directly credited to their wallet upon the minting of the Private Seed Sale SFT Ticket. These Banana Points hold intrinsic value beyond the initial investment, as they are slated to be exchangeable for EAPES Tokens.

Community Rewards

Project initiatives, including Raffles, Poker tournaments, design contests, Banana Brain Benders, and giveaways, offer the community an entertaining and interactive platform to earn Banana Points and EAPES Tokens.

EAPES is preparing to unveil another pioneering initiative centered around dynamic NFTs. Holders of these esteemed assets will be entitled to periodic airdrops of EAPES Tokens. These dynamic NFTs will play integral roles in numerous community initiatives and will feature prominently in EAPES Island gameplay experiences.

Moreover, the introduction of EAPES Battle Royale, serving as an arena for community interaction and enjoyment, presents participants with the opportunity to win EAPES Tokens based on the rarity and traits of their 3D EAPES.

EAPES Island

The introduction of EAPES Island is poised to significantly augment the avenues through which participants can acquire and accumulate EAPES Tokens, encompassing various facets such as digital asset ownership, gameplay dynamics, economic activities, and commercial transactions.

Liquid staking will be implemented for all metaverse-related digital assets, spanning from 3D EAPES to residential and commercial real estate, houses, office spaces, businesses, HUBS properties, upgrades, customizations, and rentals. Each digital asset held within a wallet will generate passive Banana Points, subsequently exchangeable via the BPEP(M) platform for EAPES Tokens.

EAPES Island gameplay will take on a new dimension, emphasizing intellectual and strategic gamification elements. Community members engaging in strategic quests, treasure hunts, mind-bending challenges, and races will be duly rewarded with EAPES Token incentives and an array of valuable prizes. Drawing inspiration from popular television series such as "Alice in Borderland" and "The Devil’s Plan," the inaugural EAPES CARDS Quest heralds the commencement of gamification on EAPES Island. Participants are invited to undertake the challenge of assembling complete sets and decks, offering the opportunity to compete for substantial EAPES Token prizes and exclusive giveaways.

Moreover, the integration of EAPES Island's real estate and HUBS Zones affords individuals the opportunity to create, work, showcase, trade, educate, mentor, and host events within the digital realm. Creators, educators, and vendors will have the opportunity to earn EAPES Tokens through interactions with participants who seek to engage with, learn from, and attend experiences curated by HUBS owners. This framework enables a symbiotic relationship wherein creators, educators, and vendors are incentivized to contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of experiences within the HUBS Zones, while participants benefit from access to enriching and immersive offerings. By facilitating transactions with EAPES Tokens, the platform fosters a dynamic economy that rewards active participation and fosters collaboration among all stakeholders involved. By actively participating in the commerce and circular economy of EAPES Island, creators stand to earn EAPES Tokens in the form of active income.

More details about these strategic EAPES Island initiatives are coming soon.

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