EAPES Tokens


EAPES is unveiling their comprehensive tokenomics framework for the forthcoming EAPES Token. This meticulously crafted structure encapsulates the intricate mechanics and principles that govern the functionality, distribution, and utilization of the EAPES utility token within the dynamic EAPES ecosystem. The Token assumes the pivotal role within the EAPES ecosystem, driving value creation, fostering community engagement, and unlocking a myriad of exciting opportunities for community members within EAPES Island and extending out to real world applications.

The meticulously balanced token allocation strategy was conceived with the overarching objective of instilling stability and flexibility within the EAPES ecosystem. Approximately half of the EAPES Tokens are earmarked to incentivize both passive and active engagement from community members, thereby affording them a range of flexible opportunities for rewards. Another 9% of the token allocation is directed towards bolstering liquidity and fostering initiatives within the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), ensuring the robustness and resilience of the EAPES ecosystem. Additionally, 15% of the tokens are allocated to the EAPES ecosystem development, aimed at advancing the project's trajectory and materializing its overarching vision. A modest portion, accounting for 5% of the total token supply, is reserved for a Private Seed Sale, while 15% is set aside for the project Treasury, and 10% is designated for the project Team. This meticulously crafted allocation breakdown shows the EAPES’ commitment to rewarding active engagement within the EAPES ecosystem while concurrently upholding flexibility and stability for all categories of holders and investors.

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