Banana Points & Halvings

EAPES Tokens

Digital Asset Staking

Banana Points is an innovative points-based rewards system exclusive to the EAPES project, designed to incentivize holders who stake their digital assets. Through the utilization of the EAPES dApp, users can stake their original 2D EAPES and Island Relic collections, consequently accruing passive Banana Points rewards.

Staked Prime EAPES receive 2.5 times more Banana Points rewards than staked non-Prime EAPES. In addition, Special Trait Staking Pools selected once every two weeks provide a 5 times Banana Multiplier.

The Banana Points accumulated by individual EAPES and Island Relics remain linked to the respective NFT until the owner opts to ‘extract’ them to their account balance. This action is irreversible. Once the Banana Points are extracted from the NFT, they become associated with the holder's wallet balance and cannot be reassociated with an NFT.

Transferring ownership of EAPES or Island Relics with associated Banana Points entails the transfer of these points to the new owner. Consequently, purchasers of EAPES or Island Relics with Banana Points will inherit the corresponding balance.

Community Engagement

Besides staking digital assets, Banana Points can be acquired through captivating channels such as giveaways, forthcoming raffles, and interactive contests, enriching the overall engagement for community members.

EAPES Island Liquid Staking of Digital Assets

The scope of Banana Point rewards system is set to expand to encompass EAPES Island digital world assets. Through the innovative mechanism of liquid staking, holders of EAPES Island assets, including 3D EAPES, land, housing, and more, will have the opportunity to passively accumulate Banana Points while just holding them in their wallets, without having to stake them within a dApp.

Integrity and Security

Banana Points are intricately linked to individual user accounts and are non-transferable between wallets. Their non-transferability between wallets is pivotal in safeguarding the integrity and security of the rewards framework as well as the EAPES ecosystem.

With the upcoming launch of the Banana Points Exchange Program (BPEP), participants will have the opportunity to seamlessly exchange their accumulated Banana Points for valuable EAPES Tokens, further enhancing the utility and value of their rewards.

Banana Halvings

Banana Halvings represents deflationary milestones within the EAPES ecosystem. These events not only serve to reduce the supply of EAPES Tokens over time through controlled emissions but also play a pivotal role in fostering price stability within the market.

The inaugural Banana Halving event took place in November 2023, halving Banana rewards and signaling the next phase of our rewards ecosystem. Looking ahead, the next Banana Halving is scheduled for April 2025.

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